I have a scenario where there are around 150 Offline Remote Databases
(no DBA's at remote sites) using Oracle 8i as backend and I have one Online Cetralize Database.No connectivity with central DB, the only Connectivity with offline db's to Centrial DB is through FTP. I need to regularly update the Offline remote DB's to Centralize Server. Is there any way where i can Synchornize Central DB. Can you suggest a better approach for the
above OFFLINE Scenerio Only changed information from 150 offline db's has to reflect. Initialy The size of the databases aprox 2MB.

Is there Any Possiblity with snapshot without connectivity (Only FTP)

Storing DML statement at offline db in a table and export that table and transfer the file with FTP, Is there any possiblity of deadlocks at Remote DB.

Thanks in Advance