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    Unanswered: Wrapping a report


    I have a form which generates a report based on user input.
    Just a few questions:

    a) The report is based on the table which the user specifies. Assuming, that all the tables the user could chose, have the same structure, how do i specify this at run-time ?

    b) The record in each report will have 3 columns. However, i would like to fit as many records into one page; so instead of having the records continue onto the next page, I want to have them stacked beside each other.
    So ordinarily it would be:

    record 1
    record 2
    record 3
    record 4
    record 5
    record 6

    but i would like it

    record 1 record 4
    record 2 record 5
    record 3 record 6

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    a/ a report has a .recordsource just like a form
    choose a report event ( _Open() why not?) to define .recordsource (as SQL, stored query, or table)
    hope it works!!! never tried it.

    b/ not a clue!

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    A) Place all the table names that meet the requirements of your Report structure into a Combp Box and allow the user to select the table from that Combo Box. Upon selection from the Combo Box, the RecordSource for your report is changed to the table selected.

    B) Create a Temporary Table to support the record format you want for your Report and use the Temporary table name in the RecordSource for your report.

    By using a Temporary Table...the table can be formated/created before the report is formated and displayed. It will be important though to ensure that; if, for example, there will be three records per row that all three records will actually fit within that row (no CanGrow) otherwise your report can appear to be quite a mess. Your rows and columns should be fixed to a specific size so as to fit on your report page be it in either a portrait or landscape format.

    Hope this helps

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