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    Unanswered: JavaScript + PHP question..


    I've got a list of names in a MySQL table. I output these names to a multi select box using PHP. Now i'd like to be able to re-arrange those names in the list by first selecting a name with the mouse, and then use either a button named "Move up in list" or one named "Move down in list". I have no idea on how to do this though, and I've tried finding a script on the 'net that does something similiar, with no luck. So now I turn to you guys =).

    Also, after having re-arranged those names, I'd like to be able to submit the form and pass the list of names back to PHP so I can update the table in MySQL.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Just my 5p but I try to avoid using client side scripting (cross brower problems, older browers, phones etc). I'd just use a form and an array and do it server side.

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