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Thread: E-R Diagram

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    E-R Diagram

    Hey all. I'm new to this board. I'm building a database for a school project and the first part of the project is to create an ERD. This is supposed to be a group project but I was the odd man out and so now I have to do it on my own. I've created the ERD for the given senario and I would like someone to look at it to see where I can make improvements. Is there anyone that can help me and how do I go about sending the diagram? Thanks all.

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    solution to ERD


    Before sending ERD, you need to collect entities and relationships of the database.

    Again two questions comes here,

    Why we need relationships?
    Instead of repeating data in different tables, relationships are established to share the tables and to minimize the duplication of data.

    Why we need to collect entities?
    Entities are target parts in the database. Withouit entities we can't move further. Entityrelationship comes here.

    Your Project: School Project

    What are the modules in your project?
    My assumptions are, Adminstration, Student Details, Staff Details, Examination Branch...etc.

    So please mention all the details about your project..I'll try to give ERD

    Thanks for your time

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