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    Post Unanswered: HELP Exchange 2003 and PHP mail() clash HELP HELP HELP

    i have a mail() code that works fine with an online website (that already has php configuration (or exchange configuration done). the following code works fine if hosted at dyna host (the online hosting company).

    print ("Thankyou ".$Fname." ".$Lname." for your valuable comments");
    $SUBJECT="Test email from email_sender.php file script";
    $Content="First: ".$Fname."\r\nLast: ".$Lname."\r\nComments: ".$comments."\r\n";
    $SENDER = ''; //Email address of the sender.
    $SENDERFULL = 'Harold PHP Quiz Example ' ; // Name of the sender.
    $MAILHEADERS .= "CC:\r\n";
    $MAILHEADERS .= "X-Mailer: PHP\r\n";
    $MAILHEADERS .= "X-Priority: 3\r\n";
    $MAILHEADERS .= "Return-Path: <".$SENDER.">\r\n";
    mail ($EMAIL, $SUBJECT, $Content, $MAILHEADERS);

    in the code i have tried with both "r\n" and "\n". both work on dynahost (the online hosting company).

    my problem starts when i bring the same piece of code to my machine that is running exchange2003 and windows server 2003,on top of that all i have done is install php from the installer file. the script does not let any email out from this form(code) at all.

    i have checked my php.ini and the settings for smtp are correct

    what am i missing (please help) and thankyou in advance
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    Zend ( ) have a good few links about php emailing and provide some good free classes to do this and more easily.

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    perhaps i wasnt clear in what i wanted to say, I just moved my web site from a hosting company to my own new built server,

    os is Windows 2003 Server enterprise edition.
    email is MS Exchange server enterprise edition.

    installed php freshly about 2 weeks back.

    it was all working fine till i had to use the mail() funtion in php and i came to know that none of my emails are being sent out from the server. (i think)
    my reason to say that is that the same email script works when i posted at my old hosting site and i get the email in a prompt so i am sure its not the script i am messing with.
    then i reasearch a lot and the only thing i gathered was to configure the mail block settings in php.ini

    i already have both the
    smpt server setting is correct
    send mail setting is correct

    but still the problem exists

    i am also considering to install phpmailer or anyother program that is windows friendly (as you can tell i am a new biee) for this to go through.

    and if there is nothing to be done in the current setting and i end up installing a php mailer program can they co exist on the same machine like phpmailer and exchange server and not messup the rest of the stuff.
    plus how do i configure any such program
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