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    Unanswered: Dropping a set of tables

    I am using SQL server 7 database and ASP as front end. I run an application where a text file is loaded into database. After this is done procedures are run to create a set of tables that have snapshots of the data in the text file.. each time i load a new text file i want to create the snapshots.. i hve written a stored procedure to create tables and insert values into the tables.. however how do i delete the tables i created the previous time.. the number of snapshots and their names will depend on the size of the text file.. how do i refer to all the snapshots created and drop them all before creating new ones?
    plese guide

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    In your stored procedure, you should drop the temporary tables you created when you do not need them. If I'm not wrong, SQL server 2000 will drop the temporary tebles for you. But I suggest that you should drop them in the code if you do not need them.

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