I'm retrieving data from a text file.
I try to parse my data into 4 fields: Id, Lastname, Firstname & Grade.
I have a Parse-function, but I think, I'm missing something here because, when I run it, it doesn't show me the required data filled into the 4 fields, it shows me only the 4 fields without the data that it should have pulled from the text file.
Can somebody help me out, please?!?!?!

Dim ID As Integer
Dim Lname, Fname As String
Dim Grade As Double
Dim strFileNAme As String = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory & "\Students.txt"
Dim MyStream As New Streamreader(strFileNAme)
Dim strResult, strLine As String
Dim Ctr As Integer = 0

strResult = MyStream.Readline
Do While Not (strResult Is Nothing)
Ctr += 1
MsgBox(strResult & vbCrLf)
strLine = ParseALine(strResult)
strResult = MyStream.Readline


MsgBox("ID(0)=" & ID & vbCrLf & "Last Name(0)=" & Lname & vbCrLf & "First Name(0)= " & Fname & vbCrLf & "Grade(0)=" & Grade)
Catch exc As Exception
MsgBox("Error" & exc.Message & vbCrLf & "Project will end here")
End Try
End Sub

Private Function ParseALine(ByVal Inline As String) As String
Dim strResult, strTokens() As String
Dim ctr As Integer
strResult = ""
strTokens = Inline.Split(",")
For ctr = 0 To strTokens.GetUpperBound(0)
strResult &= strTokens(ctr).Trim & Space(ColumnWidth - strTokens(ctr).Trim.Length)
Return strResult

End Function