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    Unanswered: Error when I execute sp_configure

    hello, everyone!!!
    my database hava errors:
    when I execute sp_configure , I receive a error below:

    Server 'ETLSERVER', Procedure 'sp_configure', Line 898:
    An insert or update to table '#configure_te02000210009463507' places column 'config' at offset 2, ending at offset 6. The maximum permitted ending offset for this column is 2. This is a server internal error.

    the Sybase Version is Sybase ASE 12.5 on AIX 5.1 IBM RS6000:
    The 12.5 GA version string is:
    Adaptive Server Enterprise/ 10442 GA/P/RS6000/AIX 5.1/aseaix51port/1787/64-bit/FBO/Tue Aug 6 18:04:45 2002

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    Probable corruption ?

    Execute dbcc checkdb, checkcatalog and checkalloc on your master database

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