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    Unanswered: suspec model

    I moved the devices to different physical location and edited the device location in sysdatabases. the problem was I had to start the server to make the changes, which I did. however, master did not find some devices and marked the DB as suspect. One of the is model (status 320). I brought server in a single user mode but won't let me clear the suspect flag and won't let me drop the db "dbcc dbrepair(dbname,dropdb)"since it is a system DB.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Editting the systables always brings some risks along.
    To move devices, you can use device-mirroring.

    Enable device-mirroring using sp_configure "disable disk mirroring", 0 (requires a restart of ASE).
    Make a mirror of the device using
    disk mirror 
         name = "device_name" , 
         mirror = "physicalname" 
         [, writes = { serial | noserial }]
    Then, when the device is mirrored, unmirror the device with
    disk unmirror 
         name = "device_name" 
         [ ,side = { "primary" | secondary }] 
         [ ,mode = { retain | remove }]
    Disable the primary side, leaving the secondary side as the new devicelocation.

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