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    Unanswered: Question about Relations

    Hi All,
    I am developing an application in Access and I am stuck with setting up relations between 3 tables. My question is more concerning database relations, rather than Access oriented.

    Consider the following 3 tables:

    1. PROJECT: ProjectNo, ClientNo, ProjectDescription
    2. PROJECT MAIN AREA: ProjectNo, MainAreaID, MainAreaName
    3. PROJECT SUB AREA: ProjectNo, MainAreaID, SubAreaID, SubAreaName.

    As one can see from the structure, table 2 contains FK (Foreign Key) "ProjectNo" referenced from PK (Primary Key) in PROJECT table. However, table 3 also contains the same FK, along with the another FK "MainAreaID" reference from PK of table 2. My question is, is this a good solution? Should the FK "ProjectNo" in table 3 be referenced from table 1 or table 2? OR is there a better way to do it? I would appreciate all of your help on this question.

    Cheers All.

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    I would suggest to try to adjust the relations on the Entity Level rather then at table level i.e. (Projects, Locations and Clients) and then implement them via tables...

    I mean see first see how projects, Clients and locations are inter-related and their type as 1-1, 1-Many or Many-Many and then setup your tables according to that as then it will be easy to see the clear picture.

    (you may ask your self questions like

    1. Will 1 client have many projects at different locations?
    2. at 1 location will there be many projects by different clients?


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    I made you a small DB with 2 senarios Check it and see if it helps

    Good Luck
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    Hi Winmaster and Saqib,
    Thank you both for your help. Winmaster the scenario really helped me a lot. Tks a lot for taking the time out for creating the scenarios. Have a nice day. Cheers.

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