hi guys hope every one is doing fine ..well iam stuck up in small probs...if someone has 2 share some information it can help m a lot..

well i have just finished a project on servlets and I had used jsdk2.1 as the server to test and run my servlets..everything is fine ..but 2 implement it in the client side i will have 2 run my servlets on IIS server...now i have no idea abt IIS server..where to load my servlerts and set the classpath...if any body can help me it wud be fine what u have come 2 know from my RD is that:

1)servlets cannot run on IIS server so u will have to use PLUG in server like JRUN which is availabe only for free trial period of one months which i dont want...agan no idea abt that
2)I willl have to run a ASP pgm on IIS server which will bootstrap the servlet....again no ideab abt this
3)third which i have thgt is to copy my JSDK2.1 server on the IIS server and keep the JSDK2.1 server runnig along with IIS server...i thnk this shud work..but is it logically its wrng...
any clues guys???