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    Unanswered: FoxPackage problem - FoxBase+/Mac

    It's been over a decade since I did this, and I can't remember how to do it right:

    I'm trying to modify and re-"compile" an app I wrote for an old client. When I compile it using FoxPackage (to create a stand-alone app), it works OK, and runs on the old LC III (OS 7.1) that it's built on. But it won't run on any PPC box running OS 9. It give the following error when you attempt to launch it:

    "# Strings in res file"

    I vaguely remember having to do something different in the compile process, but I can't remember what, and nothing is obvious. I'm using FoxPackage 2.07, which I believe is the newest version. I fired up my old development box, and would assume that everything there is the most current (FoxRun runtime engine v2.01, FoxUSER resource file, and config.fx file, all added to the stand-alone app by FoxPackage), though I can't swear to it.

    Anyone remember the procedure here?


    - Doug Riddels
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