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    Exclamation Unanswered: Importing into a new oracle on Win2k.

    Hello there,

    I am trying to get an Oracle 8.1.7 database on Windows 2k up and running.

    I have an export of a db from Oracle 8.1.7 on Unix, export done using 'sys'.

    I essentially want to import this dmp file into an Oracle db installed on a Win2k machine. Here are the steps that I tried:

    - Export the .dmp file from Oracle running on unix as sys user.
    - Install Oracle 8.1.7, during the install created the default db with an SID of say ‘gold’.
    - Connected to the db through DBStudio and start up this db ‘gold’.
    - Now from the command prompt I navigate to the Oracle\ora81\bin directory and try the import of my dmp file.
    - I type ‘imp’ at the prompt, login as sys user that was created during the install.
    - Then I accept all the default prompts other than the last one, which is to import all the data.

    Now it starts the import however I get a lot of repetitive errors like :
    “Object can’t be created because it already exists” or “User not created.” I have tried this import several times using a diff user or specifying the db to import to and creation of a log file. All the times I get the same error.

    What step am I missing. Is there something that needs to be done when the install is done, but just before the import?

    Thanks in advance
    Jyotsna Sharan

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    if your are doing a full imp which sounds from your posting all sys system objects are already in the database
    all other users sound to be no been created

    first you need to create the users as these statements seem not to be in your imp file

    create user <user> identified as <pwd> default tablespace <tablespace_name> temporary tablespace temp;
    grant connect , resource to <user>;

    imp sys/<pwd>@sid file=expdat.dmp fromuser=<user> touser=<user> buffer=16000000


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    You might also want to include the parameter IGNORE=Y

    This will ignore errors on creating objects that already exists

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    Hi ,
    Thanks a lot that did it!

    -Jyotsna Sharan

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