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    Unanswered: export data from sql to a file

    Hi all,

    iam trying to export the data from sql prompt to a file in oracle, can you tell me how can we achieve this.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry question is not clear!
    U can use "spool"
    or u can used utl_file package to export all retrieved data from
    oracle tables to a file
    (No need to search web before posting new question)

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    Re: export data from sql to a file

    "Export" in Oracle means something specific. It means using a particular executable named exp.exe (or exp80.exe) to put database objects and data into a binary file that only Oracle can read (if you want to import the data into other Oracle databases.)

    The "export" command cannot be run from SQL*Plus. It must be run from the command prompt.

    One interesting way to get your data out of Oracle without using Export is to connect your database to Microsoft Excel using an ODBC connection, and pull data into a spreadsheet then save as a .csv file.
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