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    Unanswered: registry/vba question

    this is more of a windows question - but I will need it for a couple of projects I am working on

    I want to know, if I log in and use regedit to see the hkey current users settings, and I log out and back in as Administrator or another user, am I correct that the hkey current user will only show the logged in user profile (such as stored in user.dat)?

    I want to save some registry keys for specific users for some Access and Word automation utilities.

    So I would like to know if there is any way to open up the registry for a particular user to set the keys for that user, or do I need to use a adm or ops policy template to auto-load when that user logs on?

    Long story short - can hkey current user only be set by VBA when logged onto that machine? Or am I missing something that is easier?

    Again, I don't need a how-to on using VBA or setting certain properties. I am deploying an administrative solution and I want the client to use my program and not have to run ork tools separately.

    For example, I want to install some Word templates and set the workgroup folder setting in the registry, if it is not set (by default).

    Thanks in advance.

    Joe G

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    use HKEY_USRS node instead of HKEY_CURRENT_USER
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    how do I figure out who the user is for each (I assume class id) in this hive?

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