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    Question Unanswered: default date in access project form

    Oke, here is the problem.

    I'm having a form in an access project. One of the fields is a date/time field. I'd like to make the date of today the default value for this field.

    When I put this statement (convert(datetime,convert(varchar,getdate(),1),1))
    in sql server database as the default for this field it gives me right value. When I put this statement in the form it gives me error messages, telling me that the "convert" function is not allowed in this field.

    But I want the putting of the today date in my form and not in the database.

    Anyone out there with bright ideas

    Thank you for thinking with me.
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    Re: default date in access project form

    Access doesn't recognize the CONVERT command which is a SQL server function, you must use this instead:

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    Or just Date().

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