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    Unanswered: Losing connections


    I have an application using psql 7.3.3 and pg73b1jdbc3.jar for connections with PostgreSQL.

    When an user is idle for a while (like an hour) and then try to insert or update something in the database, the user gets an error message. I don't have right now the message, but it is something with the connection with the database.

    So, I think the postgresql server is disconnecting the users after sometime of idle state(maybe a setting in the postgresql.conf), or maybe the jdbc is losing the connection.

    Thanks for any help.
    Pablo Velasquez Rivas
    Computer Science Engineer - ITCR

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    PGSQL does not drop connections under any circumstances. Check that your network is okay (no firewall, etc).

    You could also implement connection status checking by simply using try ... catch blocks and reconnecting if a "SELECT version()" or somesuch fails.

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