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    Unanswered: IF in T-SQL Column Expression

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! Sorry, but this has been driving me crazy all day and I'm about to kill someone or something.

    I have a report in an Access Data Project that I want to group in two groups:

    1. Previous Activity - Records with doc_date < @StartDate
    2. Current Activity - Records with doc_date >= @StartDate

    Since Access's grouping features are faily me, I have decided to simply add a column to to the query I am using as the recordsource for my report that simply evaluates to 0 if the record meets condition 1. and evaluates to 1 if it meets condition 2. I will then group my report on that column to get exactly the two groups I want.

    I have posted this here instead of in the Access forum because Access Data Projects use T-SQL, and I am looking for T-SQL syntax to get my column into my query. I already know how to group by the column.

    I essentially want the equivalent of IFF(doc_date < @StartDate,0,1) but T-SQL obviously doesn't handle JET/VB operators, so if someone could PLEASE help me with this simple question by telling me what the SELECT statement might look like to add this column to my query, I'll be your best friend!

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    select columnA, columnB, (CASE WHEN columnB < @doc_date THEN -1 ELSE 1 END) As "TYPE"
    from table
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    Thank You! I eventually figured it out, but I don't think it was very explicitly stated in either of the 1500 page Access 2003 books I just read, grrrrr.

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