I have a problem when i try to update a recorset in visual basic using myvbql.dll.
Well, when i make a select from a table only, i can move my recordset, update, etc... perfectly.
Sample: "SELECT * FROM obras WHERE idobras=1"

But when i try to make a select with 2 or more fields, the consult works perfect: i can move, show all records, etc...
But when i try modify some record, and update it, i get an error message and the recordset DON'T update.
I do something like this:
"SELECT idobras, nombre, cliente FROM obras WHERE idobras=1"

I show it in a form
When something is modified, i do:

MyRS.Fields("nombre").Value = Me.txtnommaq1.Text
MyRS.Fields("cliente").Value = Me.txtnommaq2.Text
If (MyRS.Update < 1) Then MsgBox "I can't save your changes."

And i can't save the modifications made.

With last libmysql.dll i get and error message something like this:

"You can't update calculated fields ..."

Please, someone can HELP me?

Thank you.