I have 3 hosts

dwc - data ware house center WIN2000fp3
dm - data mart AIX4.3.3 ML11
cdw - central data ware house AIX4.3.3 ML11

I am working with db27.2 fp8 on all the maching.
I am installing the tivoli data warehouse ver 1.2.
I have created the contronl server and databases.

I am having truble to Specify the control database for the
DB2 Data Warehouse Center on the unix machins.
I have the vwdaemon procces running.

I get the error

DWC06200E An unexpected communications error hase accurred.
Aremote host refused an attempted connect operation.
RC=6200 RC2=0

If I succed to specify the Warehouse Center on the dwc.
do I need to specify it on the other unix machins ?

can I continu the installatin Creating agent sites.
installing WEB ( ETL1 and ETL2 )?