Im new in Java comming from VB. I just have a few question about Java.

I have an application that I plan to migrate to Java. This is an accounting software. THe reason I plan to migrate is to provide flexibility and portability for my application.

What I plan to do is use Java as my dev platform and Postgres as my backend-database engine.

My questions are as follows:
1.Can Java connect to different DBEngine (like Postgres)? Can JDBC be use for this? Are there any alternative besides JBDC?

2.How do we print reports from Java? Is there an internat API for reports? Or do we have to create an HTML/PDF file for reports?

3.How do we provide easy installation for end-users? Is there something like InstallShield or WISEInstaller?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

You can also email me at zscherween@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance
Sherwin de Jesus