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    Red face Unanswered: Newbie.. Plz Help!!

    here 's a problem for you!

    This databse stores ITEMS, DEPARTMENTS,


    Each department should have its own balance of items

    existing in it by issue and receive

    TRANSACTIONS datewise in a certain quantity.

    (Under reports..)All i require is:

    (1) To get the net quantity (after receiving / issue) of an

    item departmentwise.
    (2) To get the quantity of an item department + date wise.

    To acheive the two, I have made these tables:

    Items: itemid, description, name
    Department: deptid, name
    Transaction: transactionid, date, desc, itemid (foreign key

    from items table), deptid (foreign key from department)
    netstatus: itemid (fk) deptid (fk) netQuantity

    Just guide a bit about maintaining that "netQuantity" of the departments )

    All i am confused about the 2 Reports ( sql queries, i mean ).. Any sort of help is more than welcome

    I gotta do this assignment :>

    (I have tried to study the inventory code as suggested by

    some forum participant but ended up with nuffin..)
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