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    Unanswered: Update Horizontal Partitions

    I'm considering using horizontal partitions to separate my data by year.
    For example, SomeTable_2004, SomeTable_2003, etc. This works well for backups, maintenance, etc. because I'm working with 150+ GB of data. I'll be a partitioned view for queries.

    However, I'm new at this and have a few questions. I would also like to do partitioned updates or inserts. But I need to make sure that the tables don't use similar primary keys. Does that make sense? I need to make sure that the primary keys from the first table are not used again in the second table.

    primary keys: 1,5,8,9,15

    primary keys: 2,3,4,10

    I don't really care what keys are used on what table, as long as they are different. I have apps that already use this data, and I don't want to change the application logic.


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    150 gb...thtat's not tiny...

    What about the DDL for the existing table...does the app currently refernce it?

    Can you post the DDL?

    Is all 150gb in 1 table or the entire db?

    If its the db how much in the table?

    How many rows are we talking about?

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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