Can DB2 v8.1 clients connect to DataJoiner databases?

I'm running DataJoiner v2.1.1 on AIX 5.1, recently a client AIX 5.1 was upgraded from DB2 v7.2 fixpak 8 to DB2 v8.1 fixpak 2. Now when trying to connect to the DataJoiner database, we receive:

SQL30081N A communications error has been detected. Communications protocol being used: "TCP/IP". Communications API being used "SOCKETS". Location where the error was detected: "x.xx.xx.xx" Communications function detecting the error: "recv". Protocol specific error code(s): "*", "*", "0". SQLSTATE=08001

when we change back to a v7.2 client instance, we can connect successfully. does DataJoiner not support v8.1 clients?