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    Unanswered: Oracle Startup Script


    I am currenly running Oracle 8.1.7 on Redhat Linux Enterprise 2.1. Can someone please give me instructions how to automate the oracle startup process at reboot.

    I need to start the Oracle Listener (lsnrctl) and DB (dbstart). As you probably already figured, I am an Oracle newbie.


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    (please read the install docs at OTN)

    Since I just have spent a good amount of time debugging this stuff
    I'll help you out. You have less work to do since you are not on
    Oracle 9. As long as you are not using SPFILEs then it is easier.

    The guide here looks pretty decent:
    1. change oratab file so that your dbs are set to 'Y'
    2. create a pfile copy onto your $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory
    make sure the dbstart script points to your correct pfile location

    3. verify calling dbstart / dbshut by hand works fine
    4. find out what runlevel you are on '/usr/bin/who -r'
    5. create the dbora script in /etc/init.d
    6. create dynamic links for shutdown at runlevel 0 (/etc/rc0.d), then for
    startup at whatever runlevel you are at (example: /etc/rc5.d)

    if you have problems starting the listener then post here again.
    I have a work around for that.
    - The_Duck
    you can lead someone to something but they will never learn anything ...

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