Hi All,
I'm trying to talk to As400 database using WSAD5.1.1 DataSource. I connect to the As400DB using DB2Connect Enterprise Edition. I ge the following error only if i use a 2 phase capable datasource

the following are the environment information and error

Error :
[19/02/04 10:58:31:781 NZDT] 410deafe ExceptionUtil E CNTR0020E: Non-application exception occurred while processing method "x" on bean "BeanId(SampleApp#SampleData.jar#DataReader, null)". Exception data: COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2Exception: [IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0612E_ Invalid parameter number. SQLSTATE=S1093
____at COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.SQLExceptionGenerator.throwPa ramIndexError(Unknown Source)
____at COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2PreparedStatement.setObjec t(Unknown Source)
____at COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2PreparedStatement.setObjec t(Unknown Source)
____at com.ibm.ws.rsadapter.jdbc.WSJdbcPreparedStatement. setObject(WSJdbcPreparedStatement.java:1066)

Os : Win2k Professional
WSAD : 5.1.1
DB2 : 8.1.4 WorkGroup Server
DB2 Connect : 8.1 Enterprise Edition

DataSource Class :

This problem is the Highest Priority for me now any help would be apprieciated much
Thnx In Advance