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    Unanswered: need help on cics xctl

    i need some help on this cics program issue.

    i have program a and program b . here what iam doing is iam
    doing an xctl from program a to b. when access goes into program
    and executing an sql its looking at the plan of A.Also in cedf what i
    obserrved was its showing me tranid of program A. cAN SOME ONE
    help me on this issue


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    The only way to do plan switching in CICS is to do a CICS start on tran B. Obviously that is not a good idea (for reasons we will not discuss here).

    That is why packages were developed starting in DB2 version 3. You use packages for all your CICS programs in an application and make sure they all belong to the same plan. Obviously, not every CICS program package for the entire shop should be in the same plan (such as when other applications exist). Any time you do need to switch plans, you just start that tranid, instead of xctl.

    You should look at the RCT tables and find out more information about the DB2 CICS attach in the manuals.
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