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    Unanswered: Deciding on Database

    I am developing a web based application, and I am expecting lots of users accessing the site simultaneously. I would like to know which database should i go for, SQL Server, ORACLE ,MySQL or any other db would suffice. The number of people I am expecting to be accessing simultaneously would be around 1 million users. It would be great if anyone can help me on this. Thanks

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    I'm probably slightly biased but the main difference between oracle and sqlserver, db2 etc is in the way it locks and the multiversioning capability of oracle. To put it simply oracle seems to have been designed for the worst case scenario of loads of users all accessing the same data, sql server and most other databases seem to have been designed for the best case scenario of few users not accessing the same data. Other than that functionality wise there isnt much difference though cost wise Oracle is a bit more expensive.


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    IF you have potentially 1M users, you figure for peak periods 20% hitting the app at the same time, and 20% of those hitting the DB at the same time. So, 40,000 DB threads to handle simultaneously. That's a serious bandwidth issue to handle both network and DB-wise. You will need a "serious" DB product. The only RDBMS I know that could handle that load is DB2 on a mainframe.
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