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    Red face Unanswered: Clarion 3.1 through Delphi6

    I have a clarion 3.1 .Dat file with a .dct file(dictionary file).
    It used to be accessed through c++ 3.1. But now we want to use Delphi6 but still remain with the clarion3.1 file.

    Is there a way and if yes PLEEEEEEEEEEASE can you help me.

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    For Access to Clarion 2.1 tables I use a DegisyData VCL components:

    Degisy Data is a package of VCL-components for processing Clarion, dBase, Paradox and Degisy tables. Thanks to the direct access technology, this software solution processes tables very fast, almost instantly, making it a perfect solution for creating applications where a high data processing speed is a basic requirement. All components are inherited from the original TDataSet class, which guarantees their full compatibility with all standard DB Controls. 100% native Delphi code - no additional libraries or programs needed for the components to work. BDE, ADO etc also not required. The components can be used in Delphi 5,6,7 and C++ Builder 6.

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