i am trying to take a take the sentence stored in Input_Text in the table Input_t and compare it to the varray Topic_Keyword in the table Top_Key to look for matches. Then whenever a match is found the Key_Topic_ID and Topic_Keyword_Counter from table Top_Key are to be stored in the table Top_Res under the coresponding values of Topic_Result_ID for Key_Topic_ID and Topic_Result_Counter for Topic_Keyword_Counter. my code at the moment looks like this :

Select Key_Topic_ID, Topic_Keyword_Counter, Topic_Keyword, Input_Text
FROM Top_Key , Input_t
WHERE Topic_Keyword = Input_Text; --SAME AS IN ANY OF THE NEWLY CREATED varray called INPUT_TEXT

insert into Top_Res(Topic_Result_ID = Key_Topic_ID, Topic_Result_Counter = Topic_Keyword_Counter); --values
--('who is rangers manager');
-- INSERT matching Topic_Keyword, Key_Topic_ID and Topic_Keyword_Counter IN Top_Res under Topic_Result_ID for Key_Topic_ID AND Topic_Keyword_Counter under Topic_Result_Counter

but i know it's way off

all help would be greatfully received