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    Question Unanswered: Moving a SQL7 DB to SQL2000

    I have a backup of a SQL7 DB that i need to restore into SQL 2000. I only have the backup of the DB , i don't have access to the SQL7 server. When ever I try to restore the DB into SQL2000 nothing works, the tables and properties all restore properly and the data is there but i can't retrieve info from it. I'm trying to move a website DB from SQL7 to SQL 2000 for use with Cold Fusion. I know they're is issues with going from 7 to 2000 but i don't know what they are. If anyone could help me with this i would greatly appreciate it. I know I need to do some special steps or changes before it will work in 2000, does anyone know what these are?

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    "...I can't retrieve info from it..."

    can you provide a few more details? What are you using to retrieve info (QA, development IDE, EM)? What error messages are you getting?

    Recall that if you restore a database onto a new server, the logins and permissions don't convey (kind of like the furniture in my house when I go to sell it).

    Permissions may be a part of your issue.



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    Thumbs up It works!!!

    I've got it working, I had to do a DTS Import and I checked Use Collation. This seemed to fix the problem, thanks to those who helped!!!

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