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    Unanswered: ADO.NET and DSN and SQL Server

    My setup is:

    a network with multiple database servers all running Windows 2K with .NET and SQL Server 2000. I am using ODBC.NET to connect to a selected database on the network using a DSN set up in the control panel ODBC DSN setup.

    I have a program that tells me which machine it is connecting to by getting the datasource value from the connection object, filled in just after I open the connection.

    The problem is that, I had pointed a DSN entry to one of the other servers on the network, and then I ran the program to check the connection. Then, I changed the DSN to point to my personal server and reran the program. It said it connected to the previous server using the same DSN to connect, and I have confirmed that fact. I then tried to delete the DSN entry and it still connected to the previous database (it should have given me an error of some kind). I have checked the program multiple times to see if there is anything strange with the connect string. I have also tried other programs which use the DSN entry, and even a crystal reports.NET program... and they all act the same way. I am of the opinion that .NET is "remembering" something about the original DSN setup. If I run a program which lists the available DSN entries, the "DELETED" DSN shows up in the list!!! I need help!!! Is there a way to FORCE windows to recognize changes to an ODBC DSN entry??????
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