I'm looking for someone that can help me determine if what I'm trying to do is doable, and how I can do it??

I'm working on (what to me is) a complex database where the user is entering data in both a form and an excel file that is linked to the form.
The information then needs to be saved as a record, so another user can pull it up later to view it and enter their approval signature on the form.

My problem is, I have the excel file linked to the form but I don't know how to save the data?

I've designated a number field to be the key identifier for that particular record. It's an autonumber and changes each time the user fills out a new form and the corresponding info on the excel file.

I know this may be confusing, but I could sure use some help from someone that is an access guru, because I'm not, and I'm struggling to make this work.

Help!! Laurie