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    Unanswered: To rectify MySQL Error


    You had asked me to show the SQL I have used in php. The problem is located in this query.....

    update tc_rel_pass_sort set
    ,ResultComments='".$comment[$i]."' where id='.$tcid[$i]."' and passid=".$passid[$i]);

    Here in this query you can see the following code segment


    Result Comments means the comments given by the test manager. I am supposed to read all the comment given by the test manager and put it in HTML. But the problem pops when there is " ' " sign in comments. So I just want MySQL to read all the comments given by test manager and I shoud not make any change in that comments like deleting the special character or adding some special character......

    I think you will be clear with my explanation... Can u help me out. I have to do it today itselt.....

    Thanks and regards,
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    Re: To rectify MySQL Error

    Your string concatenation is not consistent. I don't know PHP, but it doesn't look like you are building the update query right. This code is weird:
    "' where id='.$tcid[$i]."' and passid=".$passid[$i]
    Shouldn't it be
    "' where id='".$tcid[$i]."' and passid=".$passid[$i]

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