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    Unanswered: Filter Form

    Im trying to create a Filter form where the user enters two dates and the related report will open when they click on the Ok button. The [date_start] is a field in the report. When the report actually opens its just showing all of them.
    Does anyone have any ideas please?

    Private Sub cmdOk_Click()
    If IsNull(Me.StartDate) Or IsNull(Me.EndDate) Then
    MsgBox "Both Dates are required"
    DoCmd.OpenReport "Client Rental", acViewPreview, "[date_start] Between #" & _
    Format(Me.StartDate, "dd/mm/yyyy") & "# And #" & _
    Format(Me.EndDate, "dd/mm/yyyy") & "#"
    End If
    End Sub

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    Well, what are you doing on the report side of this equation? Passing parameters is fine but are you using them?

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    Ya im passing them to two unbound text boxes on the report!
    The values are being passed in but they are not changing the data represented in the report - i guess this is because they are unbound but i dont know how i can change this and still pass in the values and then for those values to bring up the related data in the report?!

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