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    Unanswered: Pervasive ODBC install problem on Windows 2k Server Status Code:802

    Greetings all. I am having a problem installing the Pervasive ODBC on a windows 2k server. I am able to do the same installtion on a windows workstation. But open installing on the server, I get:

    SSQL-1: An error occurred while Btrieve Interface DLL was being loaded. The file was not found.

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    SSQL-19: The file NTSSQL.EXE is not loaded.

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    Login must succeed before data source entry can be written. (Status code: 802)

    This is Pervasive ODBC version Please let me know any suggestions. Thank you.


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    Re: Pervasive ODBC install problem on Windows 2k Server Status Code:802

    Sounds like you are having trouble creating a DSN, not installing the ODBC driver.

    Perhaps this link from the pervasive KB will help:

    (Or go to, click on support->database->knowledgebase and type in "status 802".)
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    The status 802 could be caused by an incorrect Target Engine setting.
    One other thing. What version of Btrieve is installed on the server? If it's not installed on the server, where is Btrieve installed?
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