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    Unanswered: Export Report to Excel in Access 2000

    I've seen a few people asking this here, no one really got an answer. I want to export a report (no, I don't want to export a query) into Excel. When I do so, the first few columns are taken by text fields I have in the header of the original report in Access. I do need to have those fields on the report, I cannot make them invisible and I don't want them on Excel. It's annoying for the user to delete them every single time. Anybody has any answer?

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    I believe that you are stuck. Reports were not designed to exporting into excel. Because of the way they are setup, I have never once had them export correctly and to be honest have told my customers not to. I always setup my systems to give the users an option open a report or the the underlying query, because of this limitation.


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    export a report to excel? dats a bit mad ain't it?

    why would you possibly want to do that? Reports are just for viewing data, importing it into excel, seems to me to mean you want to do something else with the report?

    why not build a custom wee routine that exports the underlying data ( the .CopyFromRecordset method is luvly for this) and formats/adds charts etc as required?
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    Exporting to Excel

    Yep, it's definietly mad, but some users (comfortable with Excel) get even madder when told they have to download MS's Snapshot viewer to open an .snp file. Stange World.

    MS KB article 253639 +/- covers this (I 'll repeat here what I just sent out a few moments ago) - the ugly trick is to export the report as an .rtf file, then copy and paste to a new excel file. You willprobably have to add dummy control fields to your report here and there to maintain correct column alignment. Even then, you're formatting will be lously, you'll have no sane pagination, and all of the summing formulas from your report will be dead data.

    But at LEAST it's in excel...if that counts as success...


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