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    Unanswered: Domain Permission Issues

    If you can assist -- I need to find and read a whitepaper or the like about "Domain Permissions". It seems that I continually have trouble with permission issues when attempting connectivity to any SQL database.

    I do have some good reading materials about Windows authenication and authorization, but the Domain Permission piece of the puzzle is still missing.

    If you know of some good on line articles to read, please post the URL's. Thanks in advance for the advice.

    [The last episode says it all. I logged on to a server (W2K Server) as the administrator (machine level), installed SQL Server 2000 (Developer) cleanly, using Local System and Windows Authentication. Using Enterprise Mgr attempted to open the server to add a database and got the error message that the connection could not be made. However, when using Enterprise Mgr from another machine (logged in as me with domain admin rights) to open that server, there was not any problem. I do realize that if I had logged in with the domain admin rights there would not have been a problem, but that is not the issue. I want to learn the "why" behind why the original attempt did not work]

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    I'll take a wild swing at this one.

    By default in SQL Server, any member of the local adminstrators group on the local box will be granted admin rights on the SQL Server (by the BUILTIN\Administrators login). Normally, Domain Admins are considered members of the local adminsitrators group of any server that is a member of a domain. It sounds as if you logged into the first machine with a regular Domain Users account, or a local account that would normally not have rights on any network resource. Does this help?

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