PIReporter™ Spy 4 DB2 helps you expose and publish the architectural structure of DB2 UDB Database Schemas and their underlying DB2 Objects.

In today's world of Rapid Application Development (RAD) projects and ever changing business objectives, documentation of project architecture is often neglected in the rush to implementation. In many cases, the DB2 database itself is the only source of 'Architectural Ground Truth' available to technical resources tasked with creating, updating and maintaining enterprise application solutions.

PIReporter™ Spy 4 DB2 allows any user, who can access a DB2 UDB database instance, to extract targeted meta data from the database server along with the internal documentation created when the DB2 objects were defined. The extraction is a simple, parameter driven process, which allows users to produce documentation in HTML format. This document will provide those who need to understand the DB2 object definitions, with a clear vision of the current database implementation. By extracting the information from DB2 directly, you will get the most accurate version of the database layout possible.

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