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    Unanswered: ORA-16016 and standby database

    Hi, all
    I have 2 Oracle databases 8.1.7 on 2 Win 2000 servers. I put one DB in primary DB and another in standby DB
    My problem is:
    When I put the standby DB in manual mode and issued command:
    recover standby database;
    everything went right
    But when I put it in managed mode :
    recover managed standby database;
    The DB waited for archive log file very long
    recover managed standby database timeout 1;
    I got error:
    ORA-00283: recovery session canceled due to error
    ORA-16016: archived log for thread 1 sequence #1597 unavailable
    I'm sure that archive log file sequence 1597 exist in STANBY_ARCHIVE_DEST directory
    I put it in manual mode again and it applied that archive log file successful
    How can I solve this problem ?
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    Please help me!
    I'm stuck in it.

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