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    Unanswered: Attach database between different sort orders


    Just wanted to check. I've got a SQL 7.0 box on NT4 with about 40 databases (each about 500Mb-1Gb) which I want to move to SQL2000.

    The main problem is, the 7.0 box was built with a sort order not officially supported by the finance software that uses the databases, so I want to build the SQL2000 box with the default sort orders and character sets.

    I've done this in a test environment by copying the .mdf files accross and attaching them to the SQL2000 box, and this all seems to work. But is this advisable, and will there be any problems?

    Thanks for the help!!

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    It does?

    How are you doing the migration?

    Dump and Restore....I didn't think it would work...Never did for me...

    I know there are reasons, but WHY (for the love of god) do people install with other than the default collation..

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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    Yeah, it works, basically just by taking the current database offline, copying the .mdf and .ldf files to the new server, and attaching the database.

    Backup / restore won't work, as it gives sort order errors...

    As for why not have a defaul sort order, I don't know - just ask whoever built the original server!!

    So given that I've got it to work, is this a good idea, or should I DTS the data accross (which would take a lot longer!)?

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    If there are different sort orders, you can setup the new server with old server's configuration and use BACKUP/RESTORE method.

    If not DTS is only way to get the data out from source database.
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    Yeah, but I actually WANT to change the sort order to the default.

    If DTS is the best way of doing this rather than the way I've desribed above, is there any way of setting the DTS package not to get logged, as this is a pain when migrating a large database....


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