Setup: Forms 9i, DB 9i

I have a form with several tab pages. I also have a clock display outside of the tab pages (info might be important). I update the clock at 1 minute intervals.

If the cursor is in one of the fields of tab page 3 and I click the tab of a different page tab page 3 will always be redisplayed at 1 minute intervals (I click a different tab every time page 3 redisplays). That interval is not at the same time the clock gets changed, but it is always X seconds after (before??) the clock change. X is always the same value during a program run but is different from one run to the next.

Is anyone aware of some other timing issue that is affecting this?

Is there a setting I need to cause focus to switch to an item on the new tab when I display the tab? The "Raise on Entry" Property does not seem correct.