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    Unanswered: Reinitialize subscriptions in transactional replication

    If I have one table in one publication in transactional replication
    replication between primary and replicate is broken because subscription is marked as inactive.

    If there are 3 rows on replicate and 5 rows on primary , out of which 2 are added after replication is broken

    If I do

    Reinitialize subscriptions
    start the snapshot agent
    start the distribution agent

    Does this mean that it will only transfer the new 2 rows to replicate sites ? or will it drop everything from replicate site and apply all rows from primary site on to replicate.

    Any help is appreciated

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    Re: Reinitialize subscriptions in transactional replication

    It will drop every article the subscriber subscribes and refresh the DDL and data from the publication.

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