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    Unanswered: unable to start sql debug session


    I get this error message each time i try to run the vb application in visual studio .net environment.
    "Unable to start SQL debug session. Ensure sqldbreg2.exe and proxy/stub DLL sqldbg.dll are registered on this machine"

    I am running visual studio and sql server 2000 on the same machine. I have given permission to sqldebugger user to access the system32 folder and sql debugging folder. This error message is followed by

    Attaching the T Sql debugger to process[proj1.exe] on machine 'my machine name' failed Error code 0x80004004

    I am running MS SQL Server 2000 on windows 2000 adv server.

    what can be done to remove this error. Thaks in advance


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    Insert the installation CD back and select Server Tools.

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