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    Unanswered: Just wanna connect PHP to Informix

    Greetings All !

    I'm trying to set things up so that PHP on a Linux box I have access to will be able to make calls to a remote Informix database.

    I don't have much experience installing software on Linux. The box isn't really mine. It's a box at my day-job that I've been given SysAdmin rights to. It's one Linux box among a great many Windows boxes. We've got one educational app running on it so far.

    So, I did a lot of googling and it appeared to me that I needed to install the Informix SDK on the box. I did this. I then recompiled Apache and PHP... so that PHP now has its Informix module installed.

    At this point, I'm now tackling altering the /etc/hosts, /etc/services, and $INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts files to match what I THINK they should be set to... based on some parameters given to me by the people here who connect to that Informix box over Windows.

    One thing that disturbs me is that I saw some info suggesting I had to alter an /opt/informix/onconfig file. I do not have such a file out there.

    Do I have to install the actual Informix Database Server on this box, even if I have no intention of ever using / needing such a database on this box... and I just want to connect to a REMOTE Informix database?

    I guess I'll start off with that as my question and add more as they come up. Trying to do this all between my usual tasks at my day-job.


    -= Dave =-

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    Any idea where I'm screwing up here / why I can't connect ?

    OK, figured I'd post as much info as possible. Here are my settings:

    /ect/profile sets the following variables:

    (it exports them later in the file)

    /etc/services ends with:
    odbc_net 1526/tcp #Informix

    http.conf ends with:

    sqlhosts file shows:
    online onsoctcp ACD_DB odbc_net

    ACD_DB has been set up properly in the /etc/hosts file

    xinetd has been cycled, as has Apache

    script (with correct username and password removed here for security reasons -- grin! ):

    if (!($db = ifx_connect("odba_views@online","<username>", "<password>")))
    print("Failed to connect to database!<BR>\n");

    Script fails with:

    Warning: ifx_connect : E [SQLSTATE=IX 000 SQLCODE=-25596] in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/abandon/work.php on line 13
    Failed to connect to database!

    I can telnet to the Hostname and port. I got the port number from a Windows-based doc that was sent to me by someone who is somewhat familiar with the Informix side of things (in a more executive than technical role).

    I'm kind of stuck at this point.


    -= Dave =-

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    Got it !

    Got it!

    INFORMIXSERVER = "online"

    Thought I'd corrected that earlier.

    I'm able to connect now. Linux box running Apache and PHP, with PHP compiled for Informix... plus the Informix Client SDK.

    That's all the components I needed.


    -= Dave =-

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    Red face I need some help informix with php

    hi , i try to connect informix with php
    i work in windows, the informix server is on other

    i register enviroment_variable

    serverinformix = (for example only)

    i have to ext php_ifx.dll enable (default informix extention on wamp)

    my script is

    1: <?php
    2: $id_con = ifx_connect ("server", "user", "pass");
    3: ?>

    i have this error:

    Warning: ifx_connect() [function.ifx-connect]: E [SQLSTATE=IX 000 SQLCODE=-25596] in C:\wamp\www\ifx\ifx_connect.php on line 2

    please i need some help


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    Thumbs up Just wanna connect PHP to Informix

    The 25596 error will occur when the INFORMIXSERVER is not in the sqlhosts files. Under windows that is controlled by the windows registry and SETNET32 program installed with ClientSDK.

    If you open the sqlhosts file on the machine running Informix server there should be an entry such as:

    ids11 onsoctcp linux11 ids11

    if the last entry has a name you will need to look up what port it is running on in the /etc/services.

    You can test the connection with Ilogin Demo program.

    I hope this helps.

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