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    Unanswered: dBrief

    Is there a way I can get a copy of dBrief? I have Brief (the Borland editor). I am using summer 87.

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    Brief available

    I have both Brief and dBrief with original manuals and disks. Dated 1991.
    Locked into the Windows environment I no longer have a use for it (wish they had a WIN version!) Google showed no returns when looking for Solutions System. You mention Borland. I have no knowledge that Borland was ever involved with Brief.
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    Brief - Dbrief

    I have both as well, and still use them to maintain a legacy DOS application.
    Recently I lost my autoexec.bat files in a drive crash and when I went to re-install Dbrief I couldn't find my orignal disks. The program is still on the hard drive. But I don't remember the syntax for the Autoexec.bat file to activate or set Dbrief. If you have that information I would appreciate it.

    BTW, Brief was acquired by Borland Early on...

    If I can help you otherwise let me know. I can also refer you to some "Brief" like Windows (DOS) Editors that work very well...

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