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    Question Unanswered: few basic questions

    hi all
    there are some questions in mind.

    1) how this system user gets created in the database although we never fire any explicit command at the time of database creation.

    2) if i want to set some environmental variables then i can set them through sql prompt with the help of alter session but if i want to make this setting permanent so that each time i don't have to set them then how i can i do this.

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    1) Don't remember seeing any scripts that go out and create the SYSTEM user... so not sure about this one.

    2) If you are using windows, you can always just add the name of a file with your settings in it as a parameter to sqlplus


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    thanks for reply
    but somebody told me about this file to add in that but what is the name of the file n where to store it. plz give an example

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