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    Unanswered: Problems with DB2 Connect v8.1 and v7 db

    I just upgraded to DB2 Connect Personal Edition v8.1 on my Windows 2000 workstation. We just installed some new databases on a V8.1 AIX server, so I needed the v8.1 client.

    The problem I am getting is that I can configure a connection to the V8.1 DB2 server, but I cannot configure a connection via Configuration Assistant interface to a (new) DB2 v7 database. When I click on "finish", I get an (Windows) error box (with the big red X):

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    javaw.exe - Application Error

    The instruction at "0x00002000" referenced memory at "0x00002000". The memory could not be read.

    Click on OK to terminate the program.
    Click on CANCEL to debug the program.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    And if I try and debug it, it just gives me another popup that says the application is going to shut down.

    Again, no problem configuring a connection to DB2 V8.1.

    But when I installed v8.1, it did keep all my existing connections to the v7 databases, and I am able to connect and retrieve data via Command Center or my Brio Client.

    But for any NEW connections, if I export existing connection information, edit it in Wordpad, and import the new information (for a new V7 database), that works.

    Any ideas why I'm getting this javaw.exe Application Error? I am assuming there are incompatabilities, as I am also getting DB2 errors if I try and access a v7 database with Control Center:

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________
    SQL1651N The request cannot be executed because the DB2 server
    version does not support this functionality.

    DBA0102W Unable to detect nodetype for instance - "TCPEC21C (M)
    ". Reason Code: "-1".


    Some new functionality is not supported against older DB2 server
    versions. Another possible cause of this error could be the
    request referenced objects with qualifiers of length that exceeds
    the support of the server version.

    User Response:

    Execute the request against a DB2 server where the latest DB2
    server version has been installed, or upgrade the server to the
    latest DB2 server version.


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    Re: Problems with DB2 Connect v8.1 and v7 db

    From IBM's Release Info - Incompatibilities between releases - Version 8 incompatibilities with previous releases:

    "The following DB2 UDB Version 8 tools support DB2 UDB Version 7 servers (with some restrictions) and DB2 UDB Version 8 servers:

    Configuration Assistant
    It is possible to discover a DB2 UDB Version 7 server and catalog it. However, even though cataloged, no function will work if attempting to access the DB2 UDB Version 7 server. Also, you are able to import a DB2 UDB Version 7 profile to a DB2 UDB Version 8 server, or import a DB2 UDB Version 8 profile to a DB2 UDB Version 7 server. However, all other Configuration Assistant functions will not work with DB2 UDB Version 7 servers."

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