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Thread: ODBC failed!

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    Unanswered: ODBC failed!

    I have an Access database and right now I'm at home. The tables that I'm using are from an Oracle database at work. I have linked the tables in Access to Oracle using ODBC.

    I'm able to double click on one of the linked tables and see all the data for each table which I have linked.

    I'm trying to run a report that is based on a query. That query is based on several other queries and those queries are based on even more queries.

    When I start the report running I get the progress bar showing the query is runing, after about 2-3 minutes I get an error message ODBC failed!
    Sometimes the report will run and other times I get this error. Often times I will delete the linked tables and link them again and it might or might not do the trick....I have tried runing the linked table manager and again sometimes it allowes me to run the report and other times it won't work.

    Has anyone ever had this type of problem and do you know what I'm doing wrong. I'm new to databases and I'm self taught.

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    Sounds to me like a timeout issue ... Since you say that you are running queries on top of queries, can you perhaps try to flatten those levels of complexity? Make a single query or series of queries?

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    Re: ODBC failed!

    Maybe you have to increase the timeout value for your ODBC setting. See in the control panel / administrative tools in Windows and check the timeaout. try to double it. Might have to go even higher as well.


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