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    Unanswered: Ignore zeros on the left of a number

    I am trying to generate a unigue code for every user in my table. This code sholud look like:
    "S" & Current Year & Unique Number.
    And this Unique Number consists of 5 digitis such that:
    First ---> 00001 ----> SXX00001
    Second ---> 00002 ----> SXX00002
    Third ---> 00003 ----> SXX00003
    Fourth ---> 00004 ----> SXX00004
    and so on.....
    What I do is that I select the last 5 digits of the code
    and convert it to integer and and then add 1. It works but the result will be ----> SXX5 and not ----> SXX00005,
    meaning it ignores the zeros on the left?
    Can any body help me to fix this code such that the new id does not ignore the zeros on the left
    My code is:
    select @Mv = RIGHT(SID, 5)From SRegisteration
    set @Mv = CAST(@Mv AS int) + 1


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    Re: Ignore zeros on the left of a number

    To get the code without ignoring the zeros, use the LPAD function.
    LPAD(CAST(@Mv AS UNSIGNED)+1, 5, '0')

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